Tuesday, July 16, 2013

like a diary

There were some days I decided to listen back to my old albums..

Man, suddenly it spoke to me and moved me.. and encouraged me a lot.

I know most artist/singer wouldn't want to hear their albums again and again. Trust me, I been there before.. i listened to my own songs until want to vomit.

But suddenly listening back to my songs really made an impact in my life.

It's like opening your old diary and read back your post. Seeing how God has bless you and bring you through.

Really. It is.

At the same time, felt God encouraging me to write more songs. Sometimes, busyness and procrastination gets the better of me. But listening back really reminds me of the gift that God given me and I should not stop doing it

To make it better, hearing people's feedback when listening my songs also encouraged me. Hearing/reading how it lifted them. Praise God for that.

I will keep learning and growing and improving. All for the glory of God.

**PS : i realized I keep looping Hillsong's latest album Glorious Ruins. Totally love that album.. each songs speaks to me.

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