Wednesday, July 31, 2013

31st July

Tomorrow is August.

July has been.. well.. a heck of journey..

Last few days been inspired some conversations I have a few people. If God willing, hope can do something big next year. Of course, we need some prayers and wisdom. God, You lead, You open doors! :)

Of course, at this point, really need your prayers for my life. I believe in His plans, really. And I need encouragement and direction from Him.

ADOP 2013 experience was great. The soundcheck a day earlier was wayyyy better than last year's fiasco. Even the soundcrew were much better. I led at 3pm.. was one of the best worship experience I had. The BM team did well too. I was there 7 hours in total.. totally enjoyed soaking in God's presence.

Watched Wolverine. the post credit only is the awesome part for me. Other than that, thought it was much better than the origins. 7/10 for me. Not movie of the year, probably because i m totally exhausted by superhero stuff this year.

Had a great weekend all in all. Enjoyed my Sunday evening especially, hope for more. Enjoyed the worship over the weekend too.

My Youtube is playing this song.. and hope for a start of something good in August and beyond.

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