Saturday, June 15, 2013

steel has it!

One of the movies I been waiting for to catch...

I am much of a Marvel franchise fan but I would love to see DC Universe put up some competition especially in the movie adaptation side. Except Dark Knight trilogy (under Chris Nolan), their movie stuff doesn't seems to kick in. They only been doing great in movie animation and even TV animation. Justice League, Young Justice and etc were amazing.

Anyway, back to this movie.. yes.. been waiting for some time after much promotion via trailers, teasers and the fact is backed by Chris Nolan (as producer) with Zack Syder as director.

My verdict? 9/10

It's THE movie Superman deserves.

Love the direction they taken. The less fantasy route.. trying to root Superman as much as they can to our world.

But the downside for me how the fight scenes seems to.. mm.. dragged on too much.

For me, how they portrait the father-son relationship is quite touching.

I have watched the old ones. Still ok. But not Superman returns under Bryan Singer. That plot has potential but failed miserably.

I hope this can kickstart the much hyped Justice League.

If i am a scriptwriter, I think I know what to write for the other JL members. HAHA.

In fact, if Green Lantern had a good script like this, it would have worked for them.

Anyway.. well done Nolan/Syder. Let's see how DC movie universe goes.

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