Wednesday, June 19, 2013

one week after

Typing this from Seremban with a pretty much unstable internet connection.. oh well.. I cannot complain much in such Malaysian environment..

Speaking of environment, hazy days seems to hit our part of the region soon.. I m literally and seriously. My friends in Singapore keep posting how bad it is there. Last night, I could smell the hazy air.. terrible! Have to close my window. Thank God this morning was ok.

Ok.. back to the fact that I am in Seremban is because of part 2 of TEE part time studies. The assignment is scaring me... i need motivation to kickstart my assignments. I can't "run away" from it anymore.

What amazed me about my lecturer for this subject is that he has an interesting beard. Seriously. Like a typical wise man's beard. Lol.. why he would want to save a beard like that.

Anyway, past one week have been interesting and I thank God for it. Good and bad. The fun. The joy.

Birthday celebration. Man of Steel movie. Cakes. Wishes. Simple things. Smiles. School gigs. Ministry.

Well.. half a year gone.. keep fighting on!!

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