Thursday, June 27, 2013

haze away..

After one week having haze over this country, today I m just thankful for clear skies, fresher air and bright hot sun as I walked into office today.

The whole incident of haze really brings a perspective to me. I sometimes feel we Malaysians need to realized that we cannot take things for granted. When haze happen, everyone react as though the world is gonna end. But I do hope we Malaysians will able to see things clearer.. pun intended...

And when rain comes, it just pours. Reminds me so much that when God pours, He pours more than enough. How loving, marvelous He is.

Simple things in life makes me thankful.

After lecture on Saturday, am thankful that I able to bless my worship team with Siew Pau from Seremban. Nothing beats that taste of having the real thing itself. Somehow tastier than those here.

I am thankful that I able to bring in new worship team members. Coax 3 person and one of them is my brother Daniel. Audited them and let's see how we go.. in my setting, we need more people as possible. The schedule recently make me crack my head as I plan.. i have 50 members but half are available, due to various reasons like holiday, work, etc. Imagine that.

Sunday, I am thankful to able to take care one of my soundcrew Wai Yee. He is having his industrial training, sometimes he is bored in his temporary staying place that we overnight my place. We went IKEA on Sunday evening.. catch Monster University which btw, was a great movie.. really enjoyed it!

I am thankful for a good friend whom I able to chit chat and share life. Good to have friends like that.

I am thankful I am able to meet up with my good friend/rockstar Neil. Shared with me about his life and well, let's see how God leads. Am happy for him in his direction..

I am thankful that there's more tour dates to arrange. Check my for details.

I am thankful recently God gave me opportunity to re-practice my video editing skills. I did another simple one recently for Ps Stella and she encouraged me to keep on doing it. Suddenly a thought hit my mind to do production stuff again, like what I always wanted to do and what everyone in Youtube is doing. My obstacle is lack of time so I need to seek God's direction in that.

I am thankful for every people I met. Everyone teach you something.

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