Thursday, May 9, 2013


Man.. today too many times to settle lately..

One thing I learnt so far this year is that little things/details do matters. Or else it will come back to haunt you.

I hate it when in the midst of doing something, a minor thing just bump in. I just cancelled a spam call from the bank concerning some promos they trying to sell. Not in my busy moment.

Tues i got into a minor accident. My car was fine although the fixing hurts my pocket badly. So does the other car...

I will stop there. I wish I dont want to repeat the episode.

Next time, I will be naive in my driving. And looks like I have to keep my budget super tight this month unless I go rob a bank.

Weds although day off, was busy. I mean what a Wednesday... music video shooting in the morning, settling my car errands, stuck in a jam, then perform in an open mic gig, hearing Sir Alex's retirement, seeing Malaysian unity.. so can say what a Wednesday it is..

Do pray for me. Little stressed up. I m positive about life.. but just that life sometimes tries to bite you..

O well...

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