Thursday, May 30, 2013

furiously more...

Today watched Fast and Furious 6.

And gosh.. how much more can they tell about the adventures of Dominic Toretto and gang?

Man, I can predict the future of F&F franchise.. everyone wants a piece of Dominic Toretto because he keeps making people angry. Then when he gets old, either his son or his nephew (Brian's son) will be taking over that role.. so, the ride keeps going on! hahaha..

Ok.. time to be serious... anyway...

FF6 was action-packed stuff. Enjoyable but.. somehow not that over-thrilled that suddenly the supposed-car racing franchise turns into hire-guns drama.

Not much cars to marvel at.

Just action-galore to watch.

Still better than FF3. I find FF4 and FF5 was awesome.

7/10 for me.

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