Friday, May 24, 2013

drop it like it's hot..

Nearly embarrassed myself in McD just now by wearing my lose short pants. It nearly drop thanks to the weight of my keys, wallet and hp while holding my food tray. I was smart enough to avoid the epicness!

Anyway, Lai Kang spend me lunch in return for him using my home pc for his video editing. Yes, his close-to-1-month work was halted in church office due to office pc's problem. I don't know why I was nice enough to asked him to do it at my house. I am too nice.. perhaps.. aiii... i am a bad liar perhaps..

It's been long time I last allowed someone to use my personal desktop for work (and games while he waits for his file transfer)

Wesak Day holiday.. that's how it went for me.

Other than that, trying to chill before another wave of busyness (yet exciting) stuff coming. That eventually makes you realized how times flies. Oh.. yea.. June is around the corner!

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