Thursday, April 18, 2013

there's a difference between quick lunch and simple lunch..

That's what I thought of today..

I decided to have a late one.. and i had my lunch at 2pm. Hardest part of being human is wondering what to eat.

Basically I want something quick and simple to fill my stomach. I thought naan will do the job.. but it's naan possible.. sorry for the pun.. not impossible...

I underestimated the making of the naan (with tandoori chicken). There.. I learnt the difference between quick lunch and simple lunch..

Well.. quick is like something to can munch within sec or minutes..

Simple is nothing heavy.. i mean.. not having moutain-ful of vege and rice.

So.. i think naan qualifies as simple.. mmm...

Anyway, i must admit i am not enjoying fb lately with everyone simply just spreading news around.. especially sensitive issues like politics. Test the waters guys.. some can spread rumours and all.

At the end of the day, I rather get down on my knees, cry my eyeballs out for this country. Seriously.. this country needs prayer than anything else.

Will you join me?

Lord, let Your will be done.

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