Friday, April 12, 2013

lego for lego house!!


Went to Sri Sedaya CF.. then went to a home communion with Rev Philip and Aunty Annie. Met Kelvin Lim of 1am ministry for lunch. Now at office, trying to get things done.. later meeting my 'mentor' Jonathan Tse as he is performing later at some cafe..

When I was at the home communion, the sight of seeing all of us breaking bread with the bed-hidden uncle moved me. And was reminded of Jesus' ministry. He is a busy man too... meeting people.. fellowship with them.. as my lecturer last week puts it, a PHD ministry = Praying, healing, deliverance..

Busy.. yet Jesus just went out and be a blessing to many.

That thought moved my heart and really encouraged by God. Being where I am not easy but i felt i needed that reminder from God.

I thank God for that reminder. At the same time, I think I found my next producer.. but not rushing into anything yet.. prayerfully making my next move.. ;)

And just saw the video.. SO AWESOME SO COOL..

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