Saturday, April 27, 2013

Iron that out..

FINALLY watched IRON MAN 3!!!

Watched with the cg and we booked early.. cause one whole world waiting to catch the next adventure of Tony Stark.

Slight spoiler ahead.. i try my best not to mention them but.. just in case yea..

As a comic book geek.. Marvel fan.. grew up watching Iron Man cartoons.. was quite disappointed with the movie.

Sure, the action sequence was great.. the story was smart too (which is based on the Extremis storyline).. Robert D.Jr was excellence.. so does Paltrow, Don C and Paul Bettany (my fav performance, go figure what he did).

But what upset me.. to a point I felt insulted is how Mandarin was portrait. I hated it actually.

Another disappointment I have in that movie is that there's not much hints for Avengers 2 (or Phrase 2) although lots of Avengers 1 reference. Ok, we know there's Thanos but how we are gonna build towards that??

Well, hopefully Thor 2 will have something..

Awesome as it is.. i give 7/10 for it.

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