Sunday, April 21, 2013

Da Doraemon Dream

Saturday night.. after service, decided to go ss2 to try my worship team member Siew Weng's bro's shop that just opened..

It's Taiwan cuisine shop. But the best part of this shop is that it is Doraemon-theme.

YES! a must-visit place for Doraemon fans! :D

That includes Jackson.. that explains his super BIG grin...

Ok.. I went there at quite auspicious day.. Saturday night where ss2 is quite packed.. to make things worse, it seems there was some political talk happening at the field nearby. Thus, the traffic was quite heavy..

But I understand why the brother choose his location. If you are business-minded, you will understand.

Anyway, back to shop.. of course, the food is Taiwanese cuisine.

My order was Crispy Chicken Rice. Was quite nice, i love the blend of the rice with the gravy.

Their best seller and recommendation is their pork minced rice. Yummy.

All of us who were there had a great time there. Of course, the best part of the visit is looking at Doraemon collection..

Seriously.. a lot.. and it seems that's not all yet.. he has still more to come...

Some of Doraemon stuff are interesting.. from shoes to everyday stuff to mini fridge to mini radio.. crazy!

This among my favourite that I saw... it's actually a mini-fridge!

Anyway, please feel free to visit them!

More information about the shop is at

We nearly left him there as part of the collection.. HAHAHA.. :P

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