Thursday, April 11, 2013

catch my breath..

A bit lazy to go to work today after all the non-stop busyness.. but this morning, as I lay half awake, a coffee aroma came and wake me up.. not sure if it was my housemate's or neighbour's.. seriously.. it was so strong...

Back to work after days of busyness from Easter prep to TEE studies then to the recent prayer conference.

I must admit, in midst of busyness, you learn to draw strength from God and understand why He is indeed our source of joy and strength :)

And also... you appecaite your lazy and chillax time more. I admit whenever I am home lately, I just fb gaming and watch show. I seriously throw my work aside, don't want to be burden by it. Work is work, play is play. You live life once.. so enjoy while I can.

Let me just express my feelings here.. since.. i have space to do so..

totally annoyed that 70% of my fb feed is all about politics. People spreading pro-BN and pro-PR posts. Ridiculous man.. ridiculous!!

Please make me turn off my fb or any social feed..

Awakening conference
Thank God for the opportunity to be a blessing to many others as I lead worship. Really praise God for all the good feed backs and all.
Thank God for the chance to be there to witness how pastors/leaders from different domination/background come together to just seek, cry, pray for churches and nation. The presence of God was just fantastic.
Nice venue, nice church, nice hall, big stage but the sound management was terrible. If I have to say it.  Perhaps I came to a stage that I feel church should be concern about every aspect of ministry, including equipment.
Pity the sound crew. They are overstretched that I can't get a decent help from them.


Came into office, saw this damage. So sad. So much we can do, but if people just mistreat it. That explains people's attitude about using church things.

Ok.. that's all i got to say...

With the title I came up for this post.. hence, i should post this..

My fave cover of the song.. i actually prefer this compare to Kelly's.. sorry Kelly..

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