Saturday, April 6, 2013

april-ful days..

April april..

With the amount of busyness I am in.. and going to be in... you sure feel time flies by fast...

Wonder if i have time to breathe.. but then, that is what makes life interesting...

And made me keep delaying in typing this blog post.. lolz...

Mmm.. shall we backtrack to Easter then..

Well.. Good Friday went well. Church was jam packed. Easter was good. On that night, I took Mel to Bad big wolf to try some things there after recommendation from Rick.

Nothing major on April Fools day except enjoying reading all the power company's pranks like Google, Youtube and even Power Rangers. And boss was so busy settling his new rectory so I made full use of Monday to make sure everything for this week is prepared before I go off for few days in Seremban.

Evening, I send Rev Philip to his home and he invited me for a simple tea time. Was nice to spend time with him and wife.

Tuesday.. seems like lots of friends from Sabah are here for few days.. i have to host one this week. Took him to dinner with Jackson + HY.

Next .. the adventures in Seremban..
Was there because taking the TEE course.. some courses I have to be here. Was there for 4 days and 3 nights.

Wednesday.. left 7am for Seremban, managed to reach on time. Upon reaching, realized my car had little sickness. Worried for half a day :S

First day was little dry for me because lecturer was talking about history of the Bible.. geographical n stuff... managed to survive the day like that. Dinner, Wilston took me out, thank God he is around or else, I kinda lonely.

Thursday was better.. learnt a lot from the Gospels. Friday was half half.. some parts were dry since history again and some parts were interesting.. again reminded about Paul's passion.

Thank God I able to get my theological studies moving. At first, I tried my best to tune my brain to study mood.. man, it's challenging. With assignments to write.. wow.. more to think!

Saturday ended at lunchtime and thank God for safe journey home. I rushed straight to car workshop to check the "sickness".. apparently.. ok la.. oh well.. went home to rest then head to church.

Bishop Vun was around and boy.. the sermon was just inspiring...

April journey continues....

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