Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday pitstop #3 entry

Typing from home because I had to return home to oversee the fixing of Michael Chong's room door.

To be honest, I like the concept of working from home. ok.. not everyday but once awhile, you still need to go office for job delegation. Apart from that, i am all for this concept.. but then, most Malaysian offices don't dig this idea.. typical Asian understanding... thinking their workers are lazy and want to be in control.. but then I don't blame some bosses who thinks like that...

Lately been busy running errands but if you dig properly, most of the errands ain't mine. It's office's and not exactly my department's. Honestly, I dislike the idea of running other people's errands like an office boy but then in my context/situation, everyone has to get their hands dirty. Yea right.. sort of.

Sometimes I wonder do people ever care for your own work and growth. They may claim they want to help but sometimes it's hard for me to see their care. You want me to develop but you hesitate to give me space.

Maybe I m torn in such situation.. but over the years, i trying to cope with the situation. believe in God instead... looking upwards.

You see, most office are like any other offices. No good ones, no bad ones. There's no perfect ones.

There are times I wonder how some church offices works. Ok.. i dont want to compare with hillsong or HTB because their working culture and situation is totally different from here.. in fact, i reckon I can fit theirs :P ... I am talking about Malaysian church offices in general.

Enough office rants..

My wrist getting better each day.. but it's a struggle to do some things that required some right-hand strength.. like turning or opening stuff.

Recently send my guitar for servicing at a place called Guitar Hospital. Nice people there, they were kind enough to explain everything about guitar which I learnt a lot. Plus, they show me around their shop.. just awesome. Admire their passion. Anyway, can't wait to see the result of my guitar servicing.

Few things to look forward coming weeks.. and gotta motivate myself in songwriting. Lots of idea but too lazy to record a demo. Gee....

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