Tuesday, March 19, 2013

19.3.2013 journal

Suddenly.. I want to vomit blood..

No.. not literally.. nothing wrong with me.. just it's a metamorphic saying..

So many things on my plate... so many things to research... so many things to do... but little time..

Research about recording, sound panel, etc etc.. all for work.. not counting, reading for my TEE course.. then other stuff...

That's why i trying to discipline myself to do work at work/office and at home.. chill.

And I wished people understand each other better. Really. Not just pass judgment and harshly say things like that.

Uh. complicated. Not going into it.

Some people can multi-task. But you gotta understand when people multi-task.. they are humans.. not robots.

Say what you want about fulltime workers.. but we are still humans at the end of the day.

Ok la.. back to work.. typing this on and off...

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