Tuesday, February 26, 2013

tues traffic and other annoyances..

When i wokeup from my bed, making coffee, wash up, geared up for today.. I was positive..

Till Tuesday traffic jam ruined my morning. 

Oh how 30mins driving can drain your emotions..

Annoyed by that...

And also the fact sometimes I am annoyed by few things for the past few hours (or probably for some time)

1) Last night wanted to have dinner at a certain shop. Went there, tried order few things and they keep telling me it's not available. I immediately left the shop. Seriously, what type of shop does not have everything stated on the menu? Then why bother opening a restaurant/food outlet at the first place?? No passion in food and people don't deserve my money.. I want to be straight honest here. I wished I can just express it 'loudly' but i know it won't help. I even know their kind of people also doesn't care about your feelings, as long they have cash in the pockets. 
Things like this annoyed me. That's why i m quite picky about my food eating/dining. And that's why sometimes I rather cook at home.

2) I don't understand why people post bloody and gore pictures on FB. What benefits does it made? No wonder people leave FB, no wonder FB is overrated, no wonder FB is a time waster.

3) Annoyed at some "status" posting.. or their other posting. Again, no wonder FB is getting annoying.
But Tim, why not just deactivate it? Aih.. for the sake of communication, i still leave it. Maybe just want to spend less time on it...

Ok.. enough rants... 

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