Tuesday, February 5, 2013

randomly Tues post

Actually, boss asked me to accompany him to check out some folks doing evangelism but didn't work out.. great.. I just felt few hours of my life wasted. Maybe it's just me, I don't like wasting my time waiting for something that can't/don't/won't happen.

Not helping is the fact, this morning was such a cool weather.. that I have to force myself out of bed. If i ignore my alarms, i could been late for work.. so-called late. So, part of me wanting sleep... i needed good dose of coffee to kicked my brains to start.

Anyway, took time to do cyber surfing and try spring cleaning my online pages. That explains some changes made to my blogs and sites.

CNY around the corner.. as usual, all the advs are out. If they don't touch your feelings, they ain't CNY ads eh?

I must admit I not that keen to go back for CNY. Maybe life has moved on. But the CNY ads has forced its sentimental value into my poor soul... darn you ads...

Recently got myself a good video editing software and I am trying to get the feel of doing videos back to my life. 10 years ago, I was so on fire for it.. doing videos for syok sendiri and the old YF(HM) times.. the days before Youtube has taken over our generation..

Having said so.. might be doing some videos soon.. let's see....

Ok.. waiting for clock to move...

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