Friday, February 8, 2013

gambar dari gambang

And i thought some people travel 2 to 3 hours to other states then comeback same day is crazy..
Now that I have done that.. i think i am crazy too.. hahaha..

All because boss asked me to follow him to check out the campsite for upcoming church camp..

It's in Pahang. To be exact, Gambang.
There's a resort city there. Gambang resort. Inside, there's 2 part : Arabian and Carribean. The one we looked at was the latter.

The place we are staying.. let me say.. better than previous 2 church camps.

More stuff to play and enjoy. Eg : swimming pool, arcade, mini theme park, waterpark.
The rooms are spacious...
Probably using ballroom but could be troublesome for soundcrew's tuning..
Food.. i think will be better than previous 2 as well... judging by what i see and had...yea.. a simple lunch there although it won't tell much..

Just like Joshua have positive report for the land he spy on, I have positive review for the upcoming church camp site..


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