Monday, January 28, 2013

another Tawau retrospect..

Earlier, I just covered the aspect of my album tour side...

I was there since Tuesday actually. Main reason was boss asked me to attend a workshop by Diocese which is about sound. Will talk about that later.

Left as early as 4am from my house. Reach Tawau around 10.. my hotel room at 11 plus.

Feeling hungry, went for "sang nyuk mien". Actually literally it means "pork noodles" but some locals didnt like me saying like that. Uh alright... anyway, we had that.

Since noddles is just filler, had the famous Mango sago and pisang goreng that has cheese and brown sugar as toppings. Good stuff, wanted to try this for Tawau visit.

Halfway consuming the food, boss called and said please go over to his in-law's house for feast. Goodness, we just ate.. truly went there, it was a feast. Didn't eat much, but the feast does looks like for CNY.. hahaha..

So you can say my first makan round at Tawau.. my so-called brunch.. became 3 rounds of makan .. @@

Tues night -- was shown the first wo-tiek that didn't impress me. And again, the locals reprimanded me for trying that.. saying it's not the best yet. okayyyyy fine....

But gotta say the pork satay and lamb there is good. Mee Tze is the place.

WEDS officially marks the start of the conference.

Let me sum up the sound conference. Totally like a refresher course for me because i basically know a lot what was taught. Maybe this course would benefit the newbies more than me. Gotta say it.

But I appreciate what David Ng taught. Good stuff but.. like i said.. maybe others will benefit more than me.

Actually the workshop itself overcrowded. For a course like sound, it's kinda tricky for the teacher to teach in such a massive environment. Hope this can improve in coming years if ever they wanna do it.

Well, at least I got a chance to try my wielding skills again. not the best but ok la..

In other development, caught a bad sore throat. Not something I like to get with singing gigs over the weekend.

Try to get myself well before Friday.

Meanwhile, back to more food hunting adventures..

Jackson wasn't happy I said Sandakan wotiek better than Tawau. He tries to prove me wrong by taking me to another. Wotiek is better than the first attempt.. still didn't change my view...

Wanted to try their signature curry duck porridge but sold out. A normal pork porridge then. It seems they serve other interesting porridge like frog.

It's a corner shop that i remembered saying pumpkin porridge.

This is during Thursday night. Ok.. having satay with half recovered sore throat is not a good idea.. so kids, 
don't try this at home..

Must say the satay meat is HUGE and JUICY!!

This meat is what the locals called ayam buntut. Translated as Chicken @$$.

Probably the best part of the conference was to play futsal with pastors. Had a great time playing with them.. scoring, passing, tackling.. first time played on a rubber court. The ball movement is fast so you gotta make your pass and control quick.

Friday was busy with gigs and all. Refer to previous post.

Saturday was taken around town by Jackson to appreciate what this town is all about. Got to see the simple life of Tawau and understand the life here.

Paid a sudden visit to JunJun's studio but he wasn't there. Talk about wrong timing. hahaha.

Saturday and Sunday's highlight was mainly sharing and singing in St Patrick. Since I just recovered, I actually try not to push my vocals since just barely recovered. Oh well, learning curve being on tour. Hope in future I don't get in such probs again.

At airpot by 1pm Sunday and chill there before board the plane. And was carried by a QPR theme plane...

My third visit to Tawau was indeed more fruitful.. "food-ful" as well! At one point, Jackson nearly wanted to stuff me with wo-tiek till i say they are the best. hahaha. But Tawau's sang nyuk mien is best aye...

Enjoyable trip all to say. Really enjoyed the food and fellowship there.

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