Friday, January 13, 2012

Ho Ho Ho Thundercats!

For past few months, I was able to re-watch (or should I say re-lived) my childhood cartoon... Thundercats!!

Yes..I grew up watching that of the cartoons I always loved watching when I was a little kid.. my parents and aunty can testify to that...

And who can forgot THAT famous Thundercats war-cry...

"thunder-thunder-thundercats... HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"

In a nutshell, it's a story of a feline-race who escaped their doomed world in search for a new world to live in. At the same time, they crossed path with some evil characters along the way especially Mumm-Ra, who spends nearly everyday thinking of ways to send this bunch of cats to extinction.

Finishing the season, sort of a relief for me. Some stories were good, some were forgettable.

The struggle between good and evil is classic, just that sometimes it gets too cliche and it's weird that Mumm-Ra everyday comes out with evil yet funny ways to destroy the cats... like disguising himself as various characters to trick them.

Most of all, I always find it amusing that each time Lion-O goes to battle, he always have to cry HOOOOOOOOOO.. just to act MAN-ly and brave.. ya, real old-skol fighting....

Overall, I am glad to finished watching it and feel satisfied to be able to re-lived the series.

I nearly thought a movie adaption for it is possible. In fact, I did read some articles about it and even saw some concept art for it. Sadly, it won't see the day of light (until in future perhaps, if someone bravely want the project) because they partly blame Speed Racer's failure in box office.

But for now, there's the new animated version which so far for me is doing very good and well. I enjoyed it very much, the drawing is superb although it is very anime. They have a solid story line so far for this version. And yes, this version is much different than the 1986 version..especially the part of escaping from their doomed world.. has much darker and mature theme, which I believe appeals to those who knew the old Thundercats series and the more-mature youths.

I recommend everyone to catch this new version.. it's awesome. It has its own style. I know everyone would compare this with the classic version, but I would say this version won't disappoint you much.

For now, let's re-lived the war-cry... in 1986s and 2011 style ~~ !!

But I must admit I prefer the 1986s cry.. very MAN.. compared to the 2011 although it has more dramatic element.

Thundercats.................. HO!!!

Till next series or movie review... >p

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