Thursday, December 1, 2011

afresh again

Been thinking time and time again about this blog.. and other blogs I have (such as my musician site blog, etc)

Been wondering what direction I should take for them.. I realized over the years my blogging have developed somehow maturely although certain time I get carried away emotionally.. hahaha...

Again, I think with modern tech that is around us these days, I should be blogging maturely and responsibly..

Thinking of small kids and wise leaders reading this, I decided to try to blog with direction and purpose.. so everyone can learn and laugh at life at the same time.

I was evaluating whether to delete my post emotional blog posts.. days when I feel hurt and angry..especially few years ago.. but think about it, I decided to leave it as a memory of how I progress, move on, grow out of it, learn from it.

In the past, people used to think blogs are meant to be private and I do feel the same way. I don't go around promoting my blogs, if you notice.

I sometimes cringe when people come to me and said certain things.. then when I asked how they know, they say they read it on my blog... or FB status or Twitter.. o well...

But then, we are wrong to think once you have blogs, people have no "rights" to read it and acquire about it.. but first place, why put yourself into the cyber-world?

Our life is always under a spotlight, isn't it? With modern techs, we all entitled to be stalkers and busy-bodies any time we want...

But then.. it's a matter of self-control and respecting people's privacy and way of living.

So cheers people.. I try to blog more.. share some devotion thoughts.. some lame thoughts.. to you all.. and pardon me if there's emotional ones..

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