Tuesday, November 22, 2011

gold fools

Malaysia won gold in the SEA games' soccer event..

The moment the winning penalty kick went in, tweets and FB live feed was flooded with many calls for holidays. Some suddenly became so good friends with our beloved PM by flooding his FB/Twitter/(whatever-social-network he has) to bag for day off.

I mean come on Malaysia.. are we that terrible to make such childish claims?

Let me give some reasons why I will not favor a holiday :-

1) For crying out loud, we just win gold medal in SEA games!! not even Olympic medal or World championship. It's like any other event in SEA games. And what claim should we get a holiday out of it? We finished 4th overall in SEA Games.
Unless you tell me that the gold is the only gold we get in SEA games...
As much soccer is THE game in Malaysia, we gotta credit the other 58 gold winners for Malaysia.

2) We Malaysian been claiming for holidays too often. A lot of people do not see the bigger picture. It affects our business and work schedule. Yes, you can say it affects our economy. Remember our economy is not the best of health sometimes.
The same people who wines about our economy is the same people who begs for holidays. How contradict... how to grow the country if always holiday?

I rather have the government giving us free tickets or free jersey to support them. Heck, even discount also good enough. It's expensive enough to show our support for our own national team, it's like paying for a EPL team..yup.. an original Malaysian jersey is equally expensive as a MU or Arsenal jersey..perhaps more..

Anyway, sometimes I am disappointed to see the dirty side of Malaysians.. i am ashamed..really..

But then, let's not take the credit away from the soccer team who showed their determination to defend the gold they won 2 years ago. Not easy considering we play at hostile areas and to be doing it in 2 straight SEA games.

Tahniah Harimau Muda.. may you continue to bring pride and glory to the national soccer state..

Hope your next game against Syria for Olympic qualifier will progress well too.

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