Friday, November 12, 2010

Notes from Numbers 14

Firstly I must thank Mike Lim for sharing this passage during our recent WT devotion. To hear him share this devotion is indeed refreshing. Anyway, I m glad how he has grown as a worship leader.

Anyway, he was sharing this verse from Numbers 14. To cut the long story(or rather passage) short, it's about the Israelites complaining to Moses and Aaron about their suffering in the desert even though there were led out from Egypt. They complained until they feel like going back to Egypt.

Few things I learned and see after reading Numbers 14 that I would like to share :-

1) We must learn to come out from our comfort zone.
Many times, we want to go back where we were good at, comfortable at, place where we feel enjoyable -- I duno what it's so called 'comfort zone'. If we dwell so much in our comfort zone, we do not grow.

Hard for me to say or judge sometimes, because it's not my area to judge, but sometimes within us there's that 'rebellion' spirit where we think we are better than the leaders God appointed. Like Israelites. I pray that we must be careful about speaking out our emotions. Sometimes I feel some of us always just complain for the sake of complaining. Just speak out and never think of the truth. Just talk as though never think that to do something, it's not easy. I pray that we all be careful in this matter, because most of the time, we have the tendency to do so.

2) Trust in God
I dont know if this is obvious for anyone but it's obvious that Israelites should have trusted to the Lord instead of other things. I believe if they trust the Lord(although some of them did), they will be able to taste the promise land. But sometimes we always think our way is better than God's way.

3) After every rain, there's sunshine
Even though the journey out of Egypt might be suffering but once we reach our goal, we able to taste what God has prepared for us. How true sometimes, we all suffer in life. We complain and grumble. Admit it. We all do, even me. But when we persevered, we able to grow and be strong for God.

So ya, I thank God for Mike's sharing during recent WT devotion time because I admit I lately been disturbed hearing people complaining about everything under the sun from nation to church life and etc. Well, sometimes being around them is not good for they give you negative 'aura' but this sharing reminds me about how we can learn and responded when we face such situation.

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