Tuesday, May 4, 2010

shower power

I have a weird type of shower in my house.

You see, in hot weather, all you want is a cold shower. Naturally, isn't it.
So yes, sometimes after driving around town in gruelling hot weather, what would be nice to cool and refresh your body is a nice cool bath. When I turn on my shower, what comes out is warm and hot water. No, I wasn't silly to turn on the heater that time but it's just turn out hot.

Then later I found out and had this theory. Perhaps my water tank is directly under the sunlight. So if it's very hot out there, too bad, the water then will come out hot as well.

Sometimes by letting it run, slowly the water gets cooler. Sometimes if I m impatience, thank God my bathroom have another shower head that doesn't uses the heater system. Although the water flow is not as strong as the first, but still able to get cool water. Or else, I will use water from the pipe.

So that's the random story of the day. The story of auto-heating system of my shower. Hot when it's hot out there too.

And yes, I came back from an outing with staff team with Senior Citizen group. After a day of exercising and driving, all I need is a cool and cold bath, guess what...the water wasn't cold...

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Sam Vun said...

viWaaa.. no need to buy heater.. so good :) Actually i experienced the same thing just now in the afternoon.. i was looking for a hot shower but since our house no heater then didn't harap lah.. but when it came out warm.. oooh.. sedapnye :)