Tuesday, March 30, 2010

night fury

I was watching How to Train Your Dragon recently..then as I walked back to my car, I realize my car looked like the dragon in the movie..

Somewhat they seems to resemble each other. Haha. Just that Proton is squar-ish. Darren said if it is Proton Wira, perhaps it will have a better resemblant. LOL.

So maybe I should consider re-naming my "Batmobile" to "Night Fury" - that's the name of the dragon..although the main character gave him a name, 'Toothless', I wont adopt that name for my car although technically cars dont have teeths...

Movie by the way, I give it 2/5. My opinion that its storyline is weak and felt it focus too much for the animation part. Most scenes in the movie were designed specially to fit the 3D effect - example :- there were many flying scenes. Just go in there, with intention to relax and bear in mind that it's another cartoon movie, you should be fine.

Time to take Night Fury for a ride...

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