Monday, December 21, 2009

melting snowman

Like a melting snowman
I wish I can understand
Whether I have made you laugh or cry
And wondering if this is a long goodbye
Whether this all is like a test
When we all have gave our best
You build me up but left me there
Although I want to thank you for the times we share

Like a melting snowman
I wonder what is God's plan
As I slowly begin to melt
I wonder deep inside how you felt
As I stood there and see you
Wondering what should I do
Wondering if silent is the way
To make sure I can see you each day

Like a melting snowman
I wish you can hold me by the hand
As I gaze at the stars at night
Tell me that things will be alright
Sometimes I feel unappreciated
Sometimes I wonder if I m taken for granted
I try to smile when I m feeling down
With these fake smile on my face to counter the frown

Like a melting snowman
I'll promise I will do all I can
To be your best friend as possible
As you face your life's obstacle
To ensure a smile on face
To see you experience God's grace
To see you confidently face the day
As I slowly fade away

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