Monday, April 25, 2016

MU 2 Everton 1

What a game!

Initially, I was tired to follow the match. Maybe reflecting on my sermon got me thinking until can't sleep well, so I watched the match.

It was quite a cup match. First half, MU dominated the match with the pace of Martial, Rashford and Lingard doing the damage. However, the finishing is lacking. Against the run of play, Fellaini pops in a goal.

2nd half, it seems Everton learnt their mistake and they really pressed MU. Fortunately, a penalty saved from the brilliant De Gea and while extra time seems to loom, Martial pops the winner.

so MU will be facing Crystal Palace in the coming FA Cup finals. Can't help to think that it's just shades of 1990 finals where MU won that final and it was Sir Alex's first MU trophy which launched the trophy-laden MU era. It is often debated that if MU lost that final, he would have been sacked. So.. same omen for LVG??

I think this is the MU that we are use to. Brilliant but giving us fans a ride then here comes the last-min drama.

Momentum is there, perhaps the form came at the right time at this crucial point of season. This season has been truly ups and downs for fans, at some point a lot of disappointments. If we win the FA cup, at least it brightens up the mood.

The buzz over social media has been crazy because of the nature of the win. Perhaps it's something that MU fans needed.. something to get excited about.

 Nevertheless, still a proud MU supporter!

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