Wednesday, May 21, 2014

of Moore and MU


For now.

I just handed in my assignments, feel relief for now. Yesterday and Monday, I had two Moore college papers. I did reasonably good for yesterday but I barely survived Monday's paper.

I thank God I been preparing ahead for the exams, knowing how busy I will be prior to the exams. Yea, with the conference and weekend activities. And a birthday celebration to attend.

So, by the grace of God, I survived this semester.. well.. can breathe a bit before more to come.

YES, more to come from MOORE college.

And boy, at some point, I hated my handwriting after writing so much. I am to used being a typist.

Apparently because of exam "stress", I developed some eczema problem. Bad patches around my body and it is annoying. Aihz. Have to use creams and at the same time, I been told to catch some sleep. mmm.

Alright, I should chill a bit. After catching the spider and the monster, can't wait to watch the mutants! lots of massive reviews for it so I am filled with excitement!

Well, in other news, welcome to MU, mr Louis Van Gaal. May you bring success to MU. Can't wait for your first match as the manager!

And hats off to Ryan Giggs who retired and named as LVG's assistant. "naik pangkat" if you put it la. Truly a MU legend. I am glad to have see him flying around the pitch for years. The sight of him steam rolled Arsenal defence to score THAT classic goal is.. well.. memorable.

Thank you Giggs!

Can't resist posting this! =P

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