Tuesday, April 22, 2014

bye Moyes

I guess the writing was on the wall.

I am neither sad or happy he was sacked. More of mixed feeling, caught in the middle type of feeling.

On footballing reasons, I am fine with him staying and let him try again.

But business-wise, the situation is not helping. Sponsors, fans and even rumoured disharmony among the team is painting a bleak situation at MU and if you are a boss of the company, I am sure you have to address it.

I know some fans weren't comfortable the fact he got sacked and felt he should have another year but I guess in the world today, expectations can be a killer.

So thank you Moyes, it's been a fun year watching you giving hope and joy to rival fans. Honestly, it is. It's good once awhile that we fans endure what they themselves endure. With that, I guess they will miss you more. To be fair to you, it's never easy to step into a huge shoes of Sir Alex. Some things in life work out, some don't. Unfortunately for you.
For the highs and lows through this campaign, thank you once again.

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