Saturday, March 16, 2013

diary for past few days..

Disappointed MU threw away their lead in their FA Cup match.. 2-2 was the final score. Which means MU has to replay that quater finals.. although eventually, once they win, they will face Man City in the semis. FA never give MU easy matches.. ai.. kinda knew that MU would face them.

Went to yamcha with Rebecca after work. Randomly decided to watch Oz. Here is my review.

Endured quite frustrating night at futsal.

Got some cleaner to clean my house, they did a good job. Went to MidValley to find Kelly and her husband for yamcha/dinner.
Apparently i received a "disagreement" comment from a random person on my fb page. Well, sometimes we get hate mails.. means i am doing something right...

Finally the things that office asked my help to settle for the rectory is done. like finally.

Apparently, i posted the picture about my official acceptance letter into TEE caught the attention of the bigger boss. LOL. Anyway, yes, i am accepted into TEE to study Masters of Christian Studies.

At night, we celebrated the March babies' birthday.. although mainly for Yappzai.
LOL.. ignore that caption.. was done by Shu Jun's editing picture...

Celebrated at Plan B, Paradigm Mall. Funny thing that most of us ordered burgers, sandwich and salads.. which was ok.. but some ordered the pasta which I reckon it was good.. judging by the look and smile. Those ordered pasta said it was nice.. ok.. perhaps I ordered wrong thing there.. my burger was just ok..

Senior citizen meeting.. after that, collected my guitar from Guitar Hospital. Sounded nice, loved it.. thanks guys for a great job.
Had dinner with Michael Chong and made me realized past few days it was good to spend time with members and just chat with them.

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