Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tawau - DEYC2010

I realized I m little late in updating this but well, blame my procrastination in updating my blog.. been busy or lazy.. either ways.. haha..

Monday to Thursday - 29th Nov till 2nd Dec - was my first trip to Tawau.
Tawau is a special place to most FCC people as St Patrick's Church Tawau is the mother church.

Left KL early in the morning to catch the first flight to Tawau. The moment I step out from the airplane, it was so hot there. Anyway I get to explore the town a bit and it's really a simple town which somewhat reminds me a bit of some parts of rural areas in West Malaysia.

Sadly I cant try much Tawau food as I m in camp, although did go out for two nights to get some supper, but still those food weren't enough to describe Tawau food.

As the camp itself, I praise God and glad to see the youths are so passionate for God. You can see from the way the worship and respond to the Lord. Amazing and I believe God is doing great things in their life.

Sessions were good and quite surprise to hear that they have announced the next DEYC.. that prove how much we gotta keep the momentum going. Awesome. Hopely I will b there :)

Glad to be there anyway to meet lots of old friends and made new ones too.

Also glad that able to play soccer there, I miss playing it so badly. Glad to score a few goals but I realize I have lost my stamina for the game..

And yes, I gotta start keep myself in shape d.. aii..

Also, I got the opportunity to be at House of Prayer Tawau, situated next to St Patrick's. The hall is dubbed as the biggest Anglican worship hall in South East Asia so far. I say so far, because the record might be bated soon by All Saints KK if things goes to plan..

Camp food this year rocks! They even serve stuff like spaghetti, Coke float, Chicken Chop rice. No wonder I eat so much and later looked fat...hahaha...

Overall, great experience and hope the DEYC will continue to impact lives for God. I m glad to be part of it. Plus, hopely in future, get to visit Tawau a bit more.

For fun sake, this is our team posing for pics. Glad to be serving along side with you guys.

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