Monday, November 8, 2010


I mean November..

Now is november...

New start..yupz yupz..

Since last post about my Ipoh trip, I been busy with my work. I suppose to say few extra things also about my trip but procrastinating about it. No worries, it's actually wanted to say how blessed I m to be part of that trip.

Here are some pictures from Garry at my FB fan page.

In my latest FB status, I agree with a friend that said my life been full of concerts -- attending or involving. Paramore to church concerts, i mean as attending-wise. Involving in few church concerts and more to come. Exciting eh? Although it's tiring..

Yes.. recently there's this group of Taiwan singers came over to church to do an event with us.

Really praise God that the hall was packed with people. I even gave some albums to them -- FM's and mine. They were so glad and I actually taken aback that they are so appreciative that I gave them my album. Really nice and humble people.

When I met them on Sunday, they gave me good review, encouragement and even one of them came to me started to sing my song THE ONE. lol.. so funny. One of them want to get me on their Taiwan radio show .. so yea excited and thank God for the opportunity given. :) Will see how all works..

Soulworks concert was ok on Sunday and I hope Faith Music can gain much needed experience there. Glad for them anyway. Like the hall they rented.. mm..

So ya, talk about concerts, few more to come so ya, could keep me occupied. Coming Saturday -- mini concert in service. Then probably one in Alpha KL course (might or might not happen), DEYC and Tracks of Talent. Count in Christmas as well. So yea, pretty much busy...

And I realized I should get back to song writing... like seriously. One hand I m encouraged to hear people enjoyed my songs but the other, I know I have to step up my game...

And glad MU had a good weekend too.. Arsenal & Chelsea lost.. still unbeaten.. looking forward to their big clash with Man City...

I admit I still keeping this blog little low profile as in I dont promote it via FB, Twitter or whateva.. there are reasons in case I got carried away by my emotions..

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