Thursday, October 21, 2010

that's what you get when you let your heart win.... woahhhhh

Of course, the highlight of my week was seeing Paramore's concert live..

(pic source : FB)

I admit, as I typing now, my mind still buzzing about the concert. I can't believe I saw Hayley Williams live -- jumping up and down on stage, singing out loud and head-banging her iconic orange hair around. Weee... those images still fresh in my head. Just like 2 years ago when I saw Backstreet Boys live as well. Man, indeed experiences like these is worth it.

Went there quite early to get parking and even at 6pm, the place is packed with fans. The concert started 830pm and ended at 10pm. After escaping packed traffic, reach back Sunway and had supper. All in all, really memorable night.

(pic source : MSN Malaysia)
Thanks Hayley and Paramore. You guys rock!!

Apart from that, my schedule have been crazily packed. Sometimes some things dropped last minute and really make a mess out my plans. There are few things I admit I didnt want to do at the first place but sometimes like 'force' to do it.. o well, what to do?? Just do lo... i admit there's a battle in my mind asking why I have to do it instead of someone else. Stress thanks to this and that and etc etc but I try to keep my focus on God. I admit I worry that because of no-chance-of-rest-by-some-parties make me really distracted. Sometimes I wonder people do keep in mind that I very busy and yet asking me to do this n that. Dont use excuse of because of I m a full-time worker. I m still a human being. Not a robot. Seriously I need big time prayer and self discipline.. more things coming up and I scared if I let slip anything. If I do, dont blame me.

Enough laments.. or packed words about my packed schedule...

Been busy preparing for 30th October Ipoh gig as well and kinda excited for it. Cant wait to rock the place for God! RSVP your attendance if you are interested at and who knows, you can win Wii. If you do, remember me. hahaha.

So... that's what you get when you let your heart win.. mmm.. somewhat relates to me this week..

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