Thursday, October 28, 2010

october gonna be over..

Have been on packed schedule. A brief on what happened.

Sunday - I taught a unit in No Apologies. After following that class last year, never thought I will teach in one. Well, the unit I taught was something I can relate to.. media. Overall worked out fine

Monday - my highlight was having Pizza Hut with my tour entourage and we had fun.

Tuesday - the highlight was visiting 3C building, the new City Harvest KL office and have Chicken Hartz for lunch. Yes all the Cs. And also, for two straight nights I drove to Setapak -- sending members back.

Wednesday - met a friend from Sabah whom I havent see for quite some time.

Tonight (thurs) - looking forward to a good dinner with my new share group members..

There are other small things happen but those are the major things I can say...

Now busy preparing for all the things that upcoming, which firstly will be the trip to Ipoh. Excited about it and looking forward to it. Please remember me in prayer as I m leading worship not just on Saturday but Sunday now and also sharing.

so ya, pardon me for less updates these days but anyway, have a great week and November ahead..

o.. November is coming, how time flies...

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