Tuesday, October 5, 2010

obviously october..

Thanks for waking me up when September ends..

It's October..

Actually felt sick on Saturday night, after service. Sinus basically that affected me. Yes it was a bit suffering for me on Sunday moreover it was a long day = 2 Services (Eng + BM) plus KKR. Of course, thank God I just lead worship on English service only. Was doing sound for BM & KKR.

Got better today as I type, no longer sinus but the side effect of sore throat. I believe I will get well soon.

Lately besides the tiredness (which equals of needing to get more rest), been getting plans for next year and future. Sounds good although sounds more work.. cant wait for it. More gigs invite so still waiting for confirmation. More church events to do -- yupz, my boss is a passionate boss. Besides that, might be going back to studies next year -- ya, boss ask me to take part-time studies at STM -- on route to be worship pastor.

I think this post more of updating what's future rather what happened.. hehehe..

Still I have something to say.. i hope..

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yauwei89 said...

Belajar la...baik utk minda! :p