Thursday, October 14, 2010

misery business

O.. I not putting this because I m gearing up for Paramore..

But then I duno if this title is an understatement or overstatement..

Truth is, I felt sick over the past few days.. if you have been following my FB and Twitter. Yupz, it's how we have been keeping tabs with each other these days eh...

Started on Monday, well truth is I think I lean on the fact I was affected by the extreme hot weather on Monday because I went to settle something for the office then I back to my extreme air-conditoned cold office. O yes, the difference could have affected me. I admit during staff meeting, I start to get headache and cold.

After staff meeting, meeting Sam Vun and dinner, my body couldnt take it. After a short meeting with No Apologizes crew, I was at my limit. Went home and straight to bed. I thought the worse was over.....

But no. I wokeup Tuesday morning, went for staff devotion, sat at office -- it started back. Couldnt take it so I went home. To cut the long story short, my day was really sleep/rest. Only 730pm to 930pm I spare it for my worship team practice, that even I K.I.S.S -- i mean -- kept it sweet and simple. Again, went home and sleep.

In between those sleeping hours, yes, How I met Your Mother series kept me entertained. Thank you Barney Stinson. Yes, amazing world of Facebook as well.

Wednesday wokeup felt better. more problem.. that's my stomach didnt feel well which caused me frequently visiting the toilet and subsequently losing my appetite. I later found out, it was my medical mistake, trying to be the self-trained doctor. I ate panadol without having my meal..i mean by right, you should eat it after meals. But i didnt... I thought panadol that time can be the mother of all solution.

Amazingly my afternoon was at KL rediscovering Yellow Cab with Darren and Rev Chor Kee. Yes, we found a new cari makan gang.. seriously my boss loves eating. After walks at Lot 10 and Pavilion, was at home, then the headache and stomach-ache came back. Another round of rest follows. Thank God I didnt go out that night caused I supposed to have appointment but cancelled. Darren bought some 'leong cha' for me... one was super bitter that nearly caused me to puke and another wasnt that bad at all.

Typing this on Thursday, feeling 85-95% better but the stomach problem is still there. Still normal service and day for me but

I learned that...
1) I need to take care of my health. Okay I admit it.. I m getting old..
2) never be smart to be your own doctor. Like I said, I thought panadol solves it.. but I fail the medical side...which caused side effect for me...
3) always remember God.

Seriously. I had this encounter with Him. In one of my naps/rest/sleep/whatever time you called it, I dreamt I was in this UN-ish conference meeting and there God came up and speak. Seriously He is a flashes of light that so hard to see. Something like Paul felt in the Bible when the Lord appeared to Him. From there I can feel as though He put His hand through my head and (although this sounds dramatic) felt He pulling the headache slowly out of my head. Like how you put a knife into the apple and then pull it out. I remember waking up later on not feeling that terrible headache any more.

O well, I learn my lessons. However, I appreciate all the wishes and prayers from everyone.

And also, looking forward to resume normal service for myself.. 100% that is...

Again thanks for all the prayers.


Sam Vun said...

Haha.. ur getting old... Poor tim..

TL said...

hey.. we all do okayyy!!

dun tel me u dont, what i trying to say is I should stay healthy all times! yes..