Thursday, September 23, 2010

some sept stress

According to my blog entry count.. this should be the 500th entry.. so bring on the sparkling juice and let's drink..yummmm sennnggggg...

Okayy.. on serious note..

I m still praying what to share for the upcoming gig at SPC -- the 30th October 2010 as its theme is Marvelous Change. The word CHANGE seems to be such a word to me lately. Past few months, changes happen all the time. Change of boss, change of etc. Recently I change the outlook of the FCC stage and I learn the obvious from there -- not everyone can accept change. Some embrace it as a positive change while some embrace it differently.

I guess from there I have some points to share. hahaha.

But that's life to you. Changes happen whether you like it or not.

And changes will happen again for me -- for better or worse, so that's why my title is some September stress..

Some minor but the major one is possibility of changing house again. If you ask me honestly, I don't like the idea but sometimes circumstances does not always favour you..

Anyway, yes back to the topic of FCC stage, I recently feel it's time for me to run some changes around and well.. after today I realized we are bless to have some changes. Got a new cymbals, someone donated a new bass stand, got the two Smarvo amps fixed. I hope the musicians will enjoy the new look but it's all trial run -- might have some shortcoming. Still, hope it's well and if you ask me honestly, I see it as a fresh look.

I admit lately I feel I worked too hard but sometimes deep inside me, time does not wait. However, I trying to quiet down myself sometimes so I would hear God's voice instead of noises around me.A lot of my platter recently. So please pray for me for strength.

But I admit I sometimes annoyed by some people who just come in and disrupt my work -- asking me to do something else or some petty stuff. Before I get overboard, I hope I have much patience as I know this happens around other offices but I hope that person need to learn how to communicate properly. I have to say sometimes I m upset how certain people treating other people, especially I have a member who working in another place, quite sad to hear how my member was being treated. It's sad that you dont walk the talk and make other people stumble. If you want humbleness and humility from younger people, you first must show it. God knows how much patience I have right now..

Love, patience, wisdom, faith -- is what all I need now.

Anyway, had a talk with pastor about my future and work and honestly, pretty pleased with it. Excited of course. Above all, let's see how God open doors. =)

I just watch GLEE season 2's first episode.. their version of Billionaire keeps ringing in my head..
Looking forward to their next episode.. not a big Britney fan but kinda interested to see how they re-work her songs.

Weekend's coming -- excited about it!

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