Tuesday, September 7, 2010

some sept stories...

I know this sounds repetitive but I realized my blog has good following, recently my new boss told me he knows I blog.. I was taken aback but I didnt actually ask him which blog he saw. Perhaps he was referring to my solo project blog but never mind. Seems to me that I try to keep my blog relevant to everyone and yes, can't emo so much here already. Haha.

2011 is getting closer .. mmm.. yes anyway.. it's September.. and my week was little eventful.

Only things like..
The FAA is opened. It's opposite my office, it's a school that bares FCC's name. Things there is still new but slowly we will see more good stuff for it.

And recently I re-do the stage and I m excited about it. After 2 years waiting, I finally able to do it. I been praying and waiting for the right time and I guess the time came, I seized the day. As I arrange with my members, I was reminded that indeed in God, His timing is always perfect.

Indeed, not just that, few other areas in my life. If I look back and ponder about it, indeed it's really His perfect timing.

Talk about rearrangement.. I did also for my working table..

Let me show you..

This is when I first came in..

And now.. this is how my current table looks like.. after 2 years on..

Looks neater than usual to be honest although I can still improve on certain aspects like the files.. and see which things I can throw away.

O yea, you can see my album there and also the trophy that was won by FCC members in last year's DEYC camp.. haha..

A friend came in my office and discussed about making music video. Sounds cool but not telling it's for who or what it is for.. you will have to wait and see!

In 2 days, it marks my first anniversary of THIS ROAD's launching. No major celebration but really thank God for all the support so far. Many hearts were touched and blessed and so do I. Looking forward to next one!! ^^

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