Friday, September 10, 2010

some more Sept stories..

Ah.. at least my week this time a bit more interesting..

Going out with church members, having fellowship with them is good and fun. Yup.. fellowship is good..

One example, went to KL on Wednesday with Victor, Darren and Sarah Vun. Later on, Sam was part of the party as well. Talking about them, it reminds very much of hanging out with my own bishop's kids.. gee.. i have the honor for hanging out with both Bishop's kids..haha..

Serious, back to matters, we walk around the range of Lot10 to Times Sqaure and Sungai Wang.

We tried this pork burger that very nice and worth every penny. It's a better burger than the other 2 pork burgers that I mentioned before. Yummy and juicy!

Out of nowhere, I decided to buy a new pair of shoes and some Sentai toys. I bought them because they were cheap. Really cheap. So can't help it, although little taken aback because I didnt plan to spend that time.

Yes, I beginning to like my Sentai collection but I m not planning to expand it till I see something that is worth buying.

Had my last Ramadan dinner of the year with them as well before Hari Raya commence this week.

On thursday 9th September 2010, it's my first anniversary of my debut album's release. In short, I m amazed how God led me so far and excited about the future. On the day I thank God for everything, He gave me some ideas what to do. Sounds big, but I have a God that is bigger than trust Him is all I can do. =)

That involves few projects that I cant wait to do. hehe.

Talk about it, I had some songwriting session with some people. I managed to compose few songs and at the same time, witness one of my songs being translated in Chinese. Sounds very nice.. and hope one day you all can hear it ^^

And yes, my house now has better internet FINALLY!! coz all along, I m always subject to crappy unstable 'net line..yes I admit I am avid 'net user..

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