Tuesday, September 14, 2010

some more more Sept storiessss..

Friday was the Hari Raya holiday and just when I thought my day gonna get bored, my mum called and said she was in KL to do some shopping with some church friends. Since I m free, find her for lunch, got some new wardrobe as a reward for visiting her. Random but fun!! haha.

The highlight of the weekend was cleaning and rearranging the stage with the worship team.

The stage looks now is nicer, tidy and have more spaces. I m so proud of myself and team for doing the change. Waited for some time till finally I felt the time was right to make the change on the stage. Hopely we will continue to do our best to improve the sound quality.

Of course, we soundcheck and I enjoy the new setting. Too bad I cant experience it this coming weekend. Will be in KK for Young Adults camp.

I recently chatted with Sam Vun online and I listed a list of responsibilities I m doing. Boy, the list was long. I admit, anyone who sees that list would say I m insane to have so many things to do...

I believe my source of strength is from God and I believe He will lead me through. Sometimes I understand why people think it's crazy (even myself think so. haha) but I believe God will lead me. I learn that God is greater, stronger and higher than any other. Although I might not be prefect, I know my God is. So far, I m enjoying the battle, the journey =)

I m going to KK for Diocese Young Adults camp. O yes, the Sabah Diocese's one. Finally I able to fly this year. Compare last year, I flew a lot. This year most of my travels have been on the north-south highway. haha.

I admit at first I was telling myself why did I decided to fly for camp. I hope I wont regret the decision but I consoled myself with few reasons, like I should treat this like a holiday. I admit, I kept lots of my work on pending mode -- hopely I can be refresh in this camp and then hit another gear in my walk and serving in God.

So ya, till next update after the camp.

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