Monday, September 27, 2010

love thru music

I enjoyed the weekend .. feel blessed because..

1) LOVE THRU MUSIC weekend
I applaud the effort Faith Music album team put in to promote FM and the LOVE THRU MUSIC weekend.
The idea of the campaign was to use our own album to bless I have type on the FCC website :- "Music is a gift from God. and just like any gift we have, we should use it to be a channel of blessing to others"
Of course, another reason is to show our support to own our talents. So yes, FM albums, my album, other FCC/diocese related albums were on sale.
FM performed during services and in certain occasion we have them performing at lobby. Other special we had in the weekend was we première the 2nd music video and me performing the only English track from the album in some services. Was fun overall and hopely we have more specials like these.
Sermon was great, preached by Rev Kenneth Thien.. that also make the weekend itself better.

2) FM Battle-of-the-band
At Saturday night, there was the in-house competition for our FM class students. It was fun watching our students doing their best for God. Congrats all and may you all shine for Him!

More of the pics about whatever I mentioned above.. you can check Kim Loong's album.

3) WT fellowship
At first I was little disappointed because a lot cant make it due to outstation, work, sick etc. Nevertheless, those able to make it came and we still had a really good time. I really thank God for the time because we really had good meals and laugh a lot. We even watched soccer at my place after the makan and it's good times for us. I appreciate the time a lot.

Looking forward to more good times with everyone and ministry and with God especially..

Just share that sometimes when God does things, it's really blew your mind. Recently, I felt God spoke to me that someone will come back to serve in the WT and then later that Saturday night, someone really came up and told me. I was taken aback and I told that person the same thing which actually shocked him a little. But I try not to rush that someone, hopely that person knows what he is getting into.
I m deeply encouraged lately that I have been receiving positive feedbacks from people who listen to my album.. they feel blessed by it. Feel glad and encouraged to continue to do the best that I can. =)

To close, here is the new Faith Music music video that was done. Enjoy and do pray for us, I believe God has a greater plan for us.

Much love.

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