Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Was at DYAC 2010 from Wednesday till Sunday..

Even though Kokol mountain/facilities hosted its first event.. I guess I sum up the camp by few main points...

1) Travelling was gruelling for me.
Look at my first day at Wednesday travel-log:-
At around 530am we left for airport. Flew off KL at 720am and reach KK at 10am. Went lunch then meet at All Saints KK for pickup point to Kokol Mountain.

Okay, then comes Saturday. After camp, came down back to All Saints KK then Darren's parents fetch us for lunch then hangout a bit at City Mall then rest then dinner then rest.

Sunday was crazier. Morning walk at Gaya Street, church then hangout again this time at 1Borneo, 30mins rest then airport then reach KL home at 1am.

Now tell me if the travelling is gruelling or not. The route up there is winding, worse than Camerons or any highland places i went before.

Really suffered a bit in tiredness and travel-lagging. But then, any camps will make you tired...

2) Scenery is nice up there.
Feels like Genting Highlands. Yes when the mist comes.. looks like a natural air con or free smoke machine.

You can see Mount Kinabalu in its beauty and there were few days beautiful rainbow came up. So clear and nice.

3) Food is good.
Consider the place hosting it first time, the food was well done and great. I didnt expect much, perhaps that's why I say so and knowing the cooks are from ASC.

Lots of good stuff and my fave was :- spaghetti, sweet&sour chicken, brownies.

4) Organizing
Perhaps could have been better? There are trial and errors around but then it's first time done there so whatever needs to be said was said through proper channel..

5) Word of God
Was good. But because it was bi-lingual..speaker say something then translator translates..it drags the flow a bit.

Overall, I generally okay with the camp.

Let me tell you why..wait I think I said in previous entries, unless you miss it, well.. actually after signing up, I suddenly wasn't that keen to go. Little regret when I did not think longer. Too confident I think. Firstly, suddenly the worship leaders I have lined up to backed me if I not around suddenly not available, prompted me to go for other alternatives which credit to them did well in services when I not around..but back to me, that feeling made me lost a bit of momentum to go there. Then the travelling ticket was quite costly. Add this up, it was recipe for spoiling my mood to camp..

But I console myself with few valid reasons. Firstly this is the first time I flying to Sabah this year as compare last year, I flew a lot. I take this reason is good enough to console myself after buying the ticket. And I take this as though as my holiday away from work. Most travels I have this year is by land. So add this up, it's enough reasons to make me feel better about going this camp.

I admit my expectation of the camp was quite low even though the theme was experiencing God. My thoughts was just, hey I just want to go there and relax and experience God. So it's sort of I got what I wanted/what I came for and anything else, whether good or not, I little just don't want to make a fuss out of it.

Anyway I m glad to be home and fired up for my work. Lots to do but the camp was a bit of a refreshing spot for me to experience before going head on for work.

More pics of camp? head to Facebook...where else..

O..P.S -- MU beat Liverpool. Berba has hattrick. wahahaha.