Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Life in office has a bit of slow because if I want to do something, I cant go ahead as we are in the midst of transition from my old boss to new boss. It's a bit frustrating as you have to wait a bit, knowing me sometimes I don't like to waste time, but anyhow I do what I can and do whatever can be done.

Talk about that, new boss will be in next week already.

My housemate/colleague Darren brought back a fruit that Sabahans called Tarap. It's looks like cempedak but i hate the smell...smells like tar. But the seeds are nice, like eating mangosteen. I recommend fruit lovers to try it, albeit the smell. Aha.

Had this with worship team members on Tuesday night. Always my favourite.. MANGO!!

From there onwards, been crazy 24hours. 6 hours later, fetch Garry to airport, had breakfast there and drove his car back. Nice car to drive. Went TM NUT's office to cancel my previous house's internet line.. after waiting 1 hour, when my number is coming, was told by Gracy not to cut it.. i like WTH man.. thank God also I didnt cut it, you one lucky gal..

Went Summit.. was boring so went all the way to KL at Berjaya times square to walk. Despite too many floors, clothes, toys and gadget is always the reason i'm here to walk. Yea, and I finally found the Kamen Rider that I have been looking for.. that has guitar as weapon..


Kamen Rider Todoroki.

So happy finally found it!!

Realized it was my second Kamen Rider model I bought this week. First was this model that I bought on Monday..

I didnt plan to get this but because it's in those random toy boxes. Because I wanted that Kamen Rider-guitar-wielding-guy but I duno which is the box has it. So like gamble, bought the box and got this. Urm, understand what I trying to say?? Still nice. This is Kamen Rider Zeronos.

To clarify, the Kamen Rider I bought on Wednesday was different kind of packaging so that's why I can straight away buy it..

So ya, feeling happy to buy it, I think no more models any time soon.. although i bought both at good price.. however, need save money for other things.. tee hee hee...

Thursday night, randomly had dinner with Rev Khee Vun at his house. Supposed to pass to him the office's scanner, end up he invite me to eat at his place. Was really random. His kids was the one that busy entertaining me... hahaha.. thank you Rev and wife for the dinner + hospitality.

It's Friday and lots to look forward.. worship over the weekend, worship team fellowship, community shield between MU & Chelsea, songwriting time on Monday with few people, then trip to Ipoh for "so-called" Hillsong Conference.. o yea, my one week's schedule is up there for you to see.. haha

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