Friday, August 27, 2010

finally makan durian tempura..

Basically, my life been..

..welcoming new pastor/new boss. Indeed it's a new breath of life when you have new boss. He is old enough to be my dad but a lovely and understanding pastor. So far, he is been settling well and still trying to get use to KL life. Few things he has come out with and looks exciting although means we working hard as well.. it's all good basically.. am happy so far.. besides he sometimes he is fun.. can you imagine your boss have Good Charlotte's song as ringing tone.. cool eh.. haha..

..trying to be patience with people.. indeed patience is all I need.. and wisdom too. Yes, lots of exciting things coming up but I cant say much yet till the time is right..

..been exploring Pasar Ramadan. When I was young in Ipoh, I use to always ask my parents to take me there to buy some nice stuff to eat. I rarely visit one eversince I moved to KL but on Monday I had to opportunity to do so. Bought kebab and enjoyed it.

..of course, been having meals with friends..yes, please don't remind me about my weight, and lazy to show some of those pics here.. just check my FB, tumblr, Twitter.. haha..

Memorable one was at Nilai, trying whatever Victor has been hyping up for.. durian sago ice and durian tempura.. nice!!

.. had meetings with Soulworks and Jonathan Tse. Exciting stuff ahead, all to say =)

..glad Friday was day off because due to some Islam event but parts of Selangor was holiday but never mind, still glad Friday day off. Rest as much as possible and start to watch How I met Your Mother series.. funny stuff..

Weekend is around and so does September. Wake me up when September ends?

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