Thursday, August 12, 2010

ee-poh and back

Like I said in previous entry.. basically my entire week is pretty planned out..

Firstly over the weekend, church wide worship team fellowship.. which actually in truth, we want to say thank you to Rev Khee Vun and family..sort like a farewell dinner. Turned out, it was really fun time and great fellowship. All of us enjoyed it.

Top it off for weekend, it's MU's win over Chelsea in Community Shield. Ya, it's glorified friendly match but to me, any win is physiological.

Monday I met up with some people who would want to start a project with me. We discuss and yea, looking forward to hear some of my ideas being sung in Mandarin.. o yea..
Things like these basically really shows how much I m passionate about music. I m sure of what I want to do(that is music) but I just commit it to God to see how He leads, like I said in the past before. Let's see. Lots of ideas I have in my mind but God's will is above all. If I list them out, it's crazy but again, it's God's will.

Tuesday night I was already at Ipoh as Wednesday is the Hillsong conference. So-called Hillsong conference. haha.

(tues supper)

(thurs breakfast)

What's Ipoh without good food?? haha...

But I was little disappointed with the organizers. Sorry I have to say it honestly and really straight from my heart. Seems messy to me and badly done. And there were unnecessary things happen. Too many complains and confusion. No matter what they say and try to cover up, it's still a mess to me.

I m not here to judge or what but if I feel things can be better, I should voice it. I also I feel sorry for those who are disappointed..heard lots of stories and read them online.

Nevertheless, I learn a thing or two from it, so not all is lost. As expected the team is basically from their Hillsong college and I thought their college band did a good job too.

Reach back KL on Thurs noon and come Friday, new boss Rev Chor Kee is in office..

So ya, pretty much 'reported' how my past few days looks like already so time to look forward to next few days..

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