Sunday, August 1, 2010

despicable me

Part one of entry :- FOOD!!!

Fine, everyone complains I upload food pics to Facebook.. getting bored with such complains.. anyway..

Had dinner with Jonathan Tse and his gf at this Vietnamese Kitchen at 1Utama on Thursday. Food was good, atmosphere as well. Service was good also, considering they have foreign workers. Still feels like your typical Asian food but it's still very nice.

I enjoyed my drink and dessert very much. My rice is quite nice too.

on 30th JULY Friday..

I went Tropicana Mall to buy tickets early for my cell group members. Hungry, I randomly dropby at this shop called EAT & RUN..

Food was average.

Dinner time.. was this stall I thought it was interesting..

The way you ordered it seems interesting.. you can order from 1 burgers(or ninja as they called it) to 6. Bare in mind the burger is quite small.

Even I went for the BIG BOSS.. it's not BIG for me..

But the thing that impress me is the burger meat. Very nice. It's pork burger mind you.


PART 2:- Movie review..

Watched Despicable Me with cell group members. Was a funny and nice movie if we look at it overall. For me, the Minions really was the star, due to their randomness and cuteness. haha.

PART 3 :- the Etc...

Being in Sunway and the big woo ha here is the MTV world stage. I wished it was not on weekend so I can go. But alas, it was big jam here. And myself is on another stage.. haha..if you know what i mean..

Week pretty much relaxed as sometimes office is quiet due few colleagues going here and there.

Still praying for God's guidance in ministry, life and solo project. All i can say, greater things are yet to come..

How time flies and now it's August.

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