Tuesday, July 20, 2010

you are the only 'inception'..

I m aware that a lot of people has been reading my blog a lot so I beginning feel the responsible to use my blog in the correct and wise way.

Nevertheless, some things mentioned here might sound little honest and straight forward from my mind so bear with me. I gonna type some things with total honesty from me and I hope you have no offence to what I want to say.

Only one thing annoyed me over the weekend is that sometimes I m annoyed with some leaders. Sometimes just because they are 'leaders' they think they can do whatever they want and say whatever they want. Nationwide and church too. I read this article on Daily Chilli and i think some leaders really are ridiculous. Sad to say, some people around us think like them, as much as we criticize them. I don't believe in karma, but I feel sometimes in life, what comes around goes around. You call your fellow leaders weak in leadership and criticize at the way he or she does work, but the problem is you never look at your own mess. You judge people and situation quickly which for me, shows that the way you work is very harshly. I admit I learning this lesson too, that is not to criticize people too much and be patient even though some people does not think in sensible way.

But hey, there's how the cookie crumbles.

At the end of it all, I realized the past few days, God trying to teach me how to be patience. Seriously I m so patience .. if I m like the volcano, and I afraid when I burst, I will really burst...


Let's have something happy now..

Weekend was good. Led worship on Saturday night and I enjoyed it.. I saw how God is working within us and His church and indeed what Bishop Vun shared with me about impacting worship was pretty clear to me that time. Not an easy job but with strength from God, I believe God take us as a church forward..

Having said so, another honest statement I must admit here is that I have already prepared very well for Rev Khee Vun's moving to UK. Yes, he shared to some of us even since last year and to me, I m well prepared for this to happen because for me it's matter of time. Besides to me, the church is always One person, and there is Jesus Christ. Leaders come and go but God will never change. I m very very clear on that. I serve God firstly which causes me to love my neighbours, brothers and sisters. I m ready for the new head, Rev Chor Kee to take over. I am. In fact, excited as well.

That brings me to next point. Aha. So connective. Rev Chor Kee shared about God's love which actually opens up my mind again and learn a lot about it again.

Recently I watch Inception. It's a cool movie, hard for me to describe it to you.. but really.. it's really a good movie.. one of the best this year.. you need to watch it to experience it, I cant tell exactly how good it is.. so ya..

Been busy writing new materials, and recently some people came up to me and ask if I can collaborate with them on their project, so praying that God will lead me as well. Been encouraged to write some un-English material -- like Mandarin or BM songs, some different genres..

So ya, committing my ministry, music project, future to God's hands..

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