Monday, July 12, 2010

viva espana !

A big congratulation to Spain .. the new World Cup champion.

I suffering little side effects from the late night watching and so I do not know if I can give a full account of what I think of this World Cup.. let me do so when I m in fitter condition.. and if I remember..

It will be a busy week for me and looking forward to it. Let's see what's on the menu..

World Cup final. Check. Done and dusted.
Next, looking forward to the Kampar gig. May the Lord lead us, very excited about it.
Then once back, will be meeting the incoming pastor for lunch/staff meeting.
Of course, there are the usual ministry work like worship leading and cell groups.

So ya, life pretty planned out this week. And I don't what else to say as I m still tired.

Just excited about the Kampar gig. And I just repeating it again, didnt i? hahaha.

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