Saturday, July 17, 2010

predators in time of eclipse

Some movie reviews first..

I watched Predators on Wednesday night with Darren. Despite coming back on Wednesday from Kampar, well, knowing Darren does not want to be bored, we went watch it. I would say this Predator movie is ok... seems that the Predator became bigger and technically smart. Yes, instead of your normal gory alien movie, they watch you and given opportune time, they attack you. I read a review on newspaper and it had a line that sums up the whole movie. Who is the bad guy? Yes, you watch that movie and you will find out yourself.

Friday night saw the Eclipse. Straight to the point, I give it 7/10. Decent but I think it's better than the previous one for me. What irritates me when Jacob keep using corny lines on Bella and Edward just act dumb there. Puik, what man is this...

Anyway, on other issues, met 3 bosses this week. Incoming, outgoing, the biggest. Ya, all in all, I pretty upbeat about the future. Most of all, I believe God is doing something, so best is to lean on Him. Besides, I had a chat with Bishop and he encouraged me in my pursue of music and worship ministry. I thank God for that time with him, and driving his Toyota Camry in KL as a bonus as driving that car man..

Right seriously, future is thing that always bordering. Lean on God. Lean on Him. That's all I can do. Prayer. Prayer. I pray He will show me directions and lead me on.

Anyway, some random thoughts that me and Darren discussed.. what if Predators went to Planet Pandora where the Na'vis are.. and who will win in the movie blockbuster smackdown??

I would say a big clean sweep for Predators. Hands down. obviously..

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